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Google Play Store is known as Google’s official product which is available under the Android OS umbrella. When you download Play Store apps can get than one million apps, games, eBooks, music files, videos and many more useful digital components those have a major place in our lives. Users can search those specific applications through keywords or can browse in Play Store app via category. If there is any app which is not available in free basis, it can be purchased through any android app linked to user’s account.

How download Play Store with the APK file?

Google Play Store allows users to download and install various Android Apps and different games, eBooks, etc. One thing needs to be clear that, all those will download from Google Play Store, they all will support in Android OS only. Apps from this iconic platform are free from any type of threats or malware circulations. This is because, while developers upload these apps, and they had to go through tight scrutiny. So, they are safe to download and use. Mainly Google Play Store is capable to well function for Tablets and Mobile devices. Plus, it has various versions available those will clearly match the Android OS version installed on your device. It has similarity to Apple’s App Store. While you are purchasing any Android mobile device, Play Store is there by default, but on the off chance, if it is missing, users can download with APK file.

Downloading Google Play Store APK is pretty easy. You can install it just after your download is finished. There are some useful tips need to keep in mind for precaution from malware or any other threats.

  • Download APK file from only trusted sources. If in case you are downloading it from any untrustworthy source, it may lead to various flaws which won’t cater a good experience. You need to verify that whether that APK file is authenticated with Google or not. Skip that site immediately if it is found untrustworthy.
  • The APK file can easily download to device or computer directly; one thing is needed to be clear that, you should remember download location. Most of users forget where they have stored their APK file so they have to do that frequently.

One thing also needs to learn that, the APK file doesn’t locate properly in PCs as most of them are run with windows OS. This is the reason to locate them; you need to download, Android Emulators. There some popular emulators available, they are, Remix OS player, AMIDuos, BlueStacks, MEMU and many more. If you will download them to your mobile or tablet, then they will be recognized easily.

Now you have to change the device settings. Most of the time for security reason unknown source settings get disabled so while installing an APK file they should be enabled prior.

Now go to device settings> go to “Security”>Choose an unknown source option and check the box. There will be a warning, but ok that and now your system is ready to be installed. If such setting is not available in security settings then you can easily find it at privacy setting.

Play Store download for PC

Some PC users also want to use Google Play Store in their systems because it will provide maximum room to download and install various apps those are useful for their desktop. You need to download Raccoon which is the web client and simplify download and installation process. You can easily download free Google Play Store from various trusted sources those are free from any threats and they must have carried Google signature to deliver the APK file you want. Such type of interface is truly simple for anyone to use and there will be no added complications or different advertisement. Google Play Store available almost all Operating Systems like Windows PC, Linux PC etc.

Play Store is the right place where you can download your desired Apps those will enhance your freedom to use your PC. People, those want to play their games on a wide screen, Play Store is the right to go for them. No matter which favorite game you want, most of them are available in Play Store. The same thing is applicable those are book enthusiastic and they can download their favorite EBook from Google Play Store without much hassle.

Now the question is that how to download Play Store in PC?

Emulator program for PCs

In order to use Google Play Store on your PC go through this process.

First download an emulator program for PC. It is important for all operating systems like Windows, Mac or Linux. Maximum users prefer BlueStacks emulator also there is different emulators available to use.

  • Properly review the emulator programs and evaluate which will be light and easily can be run from your PC.
  • After finishing the download, now browse Google Play Store on this program.
  • You can check out various Android apps through this emulator and choose them if you want them apart from Google Play Store.
  • After successfully locating, now double click on it and install. Even you can use different android apps under these emulators.

Following these above steps will allow you to successfully install and run Google Play Store and once it get installed perfectly; you can download different Android apps from it.

How to update Google Play Store?

Google Play Store needs to be updated from time to time. This is important because, some latest apps are not supported with the old version Play Store. This is because, they are being programmed with newest cryptography to make it secure from advisories. While accessing such apps, they will cater better and secure operation experience which has not only made their way better to use but also reviews all the issues facing by users. In such scenario, updating Google Play Store is the only way to go.

Follow these steps to update your Google Play Store.

Unlock your phone or tablet and go to app drawer and choose Google Play Store. You can recognize it from its unique logo. Now open the app.

Now tap on the app in order checking the updates available. Now swipe from left to right on your device. Slide-out menu will appear. If you want to go on shortcut just hit the dedicated button which is showing at Google Play in the app search bar.

  • Scroll to downwards and choose the settings.
  • Scroll down till reaching at “About” section.
  • After reaching here, you will see the Google Play Store version available.
  • Here, you will notice about update version available. If not, then it shows a message that “Google Play Store is up to date”. To check any update available for your Play Store version, you should tap anywhere in Play Store, it will let you know.

Going through all these steps will make you sure about the Play Store app and its status. Most often, latest Google Play Store app automatically shows when the update will require. In this scenario to know these updates, never underestimate the notifications those are shown in different time.

 Benefits and functions of Play Store

From a developer’s point of view, Google Play Store is more developer friendly. It peruses strict copyright policy that doesn’t allow any type of illegal or odor apps in its platform. Thus, developers those are working genuinely, they never have to face any copyright or duplicity conflict with the newly uploaded apps. Plus, Google Play Store always accepts latest apps those are developed with newest cryptography. It allows budding developers to work properly and with more innovatively. If you have developed that app perfectly without any type of fraudulent, there will be no harm to your own app.

From the user’s point of view, they will find a wide variety of latest apps those are interesting and creative. Plus, most of the people now using different apps those are helpful in their daily lives. These are really simplified life styles. People, those are newly using such apps, there are a number of powerful launchers are available those will totally change the look of the android and those will something that can be found in Google Play Store. Apart from apps, there are different types of games also available those will fulfill your entire requirement when you are in mood play your favorite game. The most important thing is that, Play Store can be installed and used in different operating systems. No matter whether you are using Windows or Android, you can download and use Google Play Store on your device. Now it can be used in PCs so there are a lot of things to load from Google Play Store. With its versatile quality, it has occupied the top place among popular applications in the world.

With this advanced age, human lifestyle has been digitized. No one can even spend some time without using gadgets. Mobile communication has molded society in a revolutionary era where maximum actions are conducted with easy web access. As a budding sector, it is now warping world with its facilities and new innovations. People, those have a passion for innovations and technical advancements; they should focus on telecommunication sector. Here each day, they will find something new. These new innovations now simplifying lives those were musty some years before. Each day, new mobile applications are introduced in an intention to simplify their use addressing their previous flaws.  Google is known as the most famed brand in the internet world. It has various products those are responsible for the amazing mobile experience. Google Play Store is one of them and it allows users to download various apps those are really helpful for their daily life.

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